Hands-On Sustainability


ZTK is a side-project incubator located in Malmö, Sweden.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and designers in creating sustainable and innovative ideas.

On Design Day, we'll enhance your business model and help you connect the dots.

On Media Day, we'll film and shoot some pictures with your team, prototype or whatever works best for you. Just get ready to smile at the camera.


Following our Design Thinking workshop kit, in 5 hours you'll get to refine your idea and business model.

You can participate as a team, as a project driver, or as a supporter.

Whether you're a developer, a craftsperson or a designer, there will be room for you. Don't be shy.


For you with a working prototype or concept, this is the perfect chance to create content about it.

Shoot, film and record with our help and make your product look even better.

Cameras, lights and equipment will be on us at Stpln's Media Lab.

About us

We believe in doers, and our mission is to bring them together.

Our workshops are focused on product design, innovation and sustainability.

If you'd like to be part of the team or collaborate, reach us at: